This mod is called "Project Starworld". The aim of it is to accurately reproduce the demo shown at E3 2006 down to every detail.

It is being produced by: togemet2, clockworkzone, EmmaNerd, Mr. SG, SPG64, Galaxy Master, Hiccup, SimonTime, Marionova, and Captain Byte.

There is currently no estimated release date, though be sure to check the Twitter as any new updates and information will be posted there.

From the amazing diversity of galaxies to the incredible control scheme offered through the Wii Remote, Super Mario Galaxy takes the Mario action you know and love and transports it into a world of gravity-defying levels set amid the stars.

Whether you’re a Mario master or playing one of his adventures for the first time, you’ll actively jump from planet to planet with the motion-sensing and pointing capabilities of the controller. Mario’s newest move - the spin move - is performed by giving the Wii Remote a quick shake. It’s the most versatile move in the game and can aide Mario in his many discoveries!